6' x 8' Welding Blanket

Lenco - Item #: LNX08820

6' x 8' Welding Blanket

Features and Benefits

  • Finished edge
  • Grommets every 12"
  • 30 oz. material
  • 1000 degree F. heat rating
  • Highly plyable
The Lenco LWB 68 is a non coated, kevlar stitched 100% fiberglass heavy duty welding blanket rated at 1000 degree Fahrenheit.


Full Specs

Body Protection

Product Name Welding Blanket
Material Kevlar
Product Life Re-usable
Size 6' x 8'
Color Off White
Closure dna
Ankle Closure dna
Wrist-Closure dna
Pockets dna
Item Blanket
Standards Met nav


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