Launch Tech USA Roxie-W (WI-FI)

LAUNCH TECH USA - Item #: LAU301050450

Launch Tech USA Roxie-W (WI-FI)

Features& Benefits:

  • Automatic Vehicle Detection and Scan Initialization as soonas you plug in – No interaction needed
  • WIFI enabled (Shop’s WIFI or Mobile Hot Spot)
  • Easy to operate-Just Plug in and go
  • 5” Color Touch Screen Display
  • Long Battery life (One month & Above)
  • Sleek, and industrial Design
  • Enhanced All Module Scan: Codes and Data Stream
  • Generic OBD II Only with Readiness Monitor Status


Roxie automatically scans all makes, models and modules andemails a pre/post scan report up to five email address at a time. No Humaninteraction needed, just plug Roxie into the OBD-II port. Roxie speaks loudlyas she calls out each module being scanned. Roxie is the perfect solution for Collision/MSOshops requiring a Pre/Post scan report without the need of a trained scan tooltechnician or reoccurring remote diagnostics service.


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